About us

Redbreast is a litigation-funding firm operating in the high-end business-to-business segment of the market. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Redbreast funds and manages litigation and arbitration cases in the Netherlands and abroad on a no-cure-no-pay basis.


We created Redbreast to assist businesses in realizing the value of large disputed claims without the burden on working capital and management time that is usually associated with complex litigation.

To achieve this goal, Redbreast:

  • provides the capital required to prosecute the claim through to conclusion,
  • provides non-recourse funding against litigation portfolio’s,
  • brings to the table the specific experience and expertise of a repeat player,
  • conducts legal and factual due diligence and asset tracing,
  • makes available its network to enable selection of the best lawyers and experts for the case, and
  • assists companies in cost effectively managing litigation.

Our remuneration is 100%-result-based, ensuring the interests of the client and those of Redbreast are fully aligned.


Redbreast’s directors and Investment Committee members are all prominent and experienced lawyers or former lawyers at leading firms, law professors, or former judges. For an overview of our team, click here. With capital provided by a strong group of investors, Redbreast is a partner in the litigation of complex and cost-intensive claims without parallel in the Netherlands.


  1. Litigation finance for businesses, financial institutions and administrators in bankruptcies outside the Netherlands, click here.
  2. Litigation finance for administrators in Dutch bankruptcies, click here (in Dutch only).