Consultancy and professional education

Litigate or settle?

Litigation is risky business. The costs and time involved are significant and the eventual outcome is inherently uncertain. Redbreast’s consultancy services enable companies to determine the expected value of litigation and to identify settlement scenario’s preferable to litigation.

Together with you and your lawyer or in-house counsel, we map the relevant issues of the case, the expected costs of litigation, the chances of success, and the risks involved. Using our own algorithms and analytical tools, Redbreast calculates whether it makes sense to invest in litigation and determine what would be a rational settlement at any relevant stage of litigation. For our consultancy services we charge a fixed fee which varies depending on the size of the matter and the level of analysis required.

For a quick and dirty analysis of the chances and expected value of your case, we invite you to use the Redbreast Analysis Tool, free of charge. If you require a more detailed and tailor-made analysis, please contact Rein Philips.


Together with Radboud University Nijmegen’s Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO), Redbreast also provides courses on using decision analysis in litigation and settlement negotiations.

Through a variety of case studies and real-time experiments, the course introduces the participants to decision theory and its relevance in the efficient resolution of legal disputes. The course culminates in a negotiation game, in which the participants apply their newly acquired skills to a fictional legal dispute that is tailored as much as possible to the participants’ actual field of work.

If you are interested in taking part in the next course or would like to learn more about the possibilities for organising a course specifically for your law firm or company, please contact Ricky van Oers of CPO at or Cezanne Santman of Redbreast at