Redbreast’s clients are companies, bankruptcy administrators, financial institutions, and central and local governments that cannot or do not wish to allocate significant management time and resources to litigating a commercial claim, or that lack the expertise to achieve an optimum result.

We define “commercial claim” as a claim arising from or relating to commercial activities in any industry. Examples of claims that fall within our scope include claims in the area of M&A and other business transactions, corporate disputes, bankruptcy, distribution and agency, anti-cartel, investment treaty arbitration, IP infringement, and claims arising from any other type of breach, abuse, fraudulent or wrongful act in a business-to-business or business-to-state relationship.

When assessing a case proposed for funding and management we focus on:

  • the substantive and ethical merits of the case,
  • the value of the claim, whereby the realistic expected value of the claim should be at least EUR 5 million,
  • the expected time and costs of litigation, and
  • the recovery risk.

To get an idea of how we value your case please use our online tool REDBREAST ANALYSIS (use is free of charge and anonymous).