Redbreast offers three types of services to businesses, financial institutions and insolvency administrators:

  1. litigation management & funding,
  2. corporate finance solutions based on litigation portfolio’s,
  3. classic litigation funding.

Case management & funding

Redbreast provides a unique integrated service, combining litigation funding and management services.

The client instructs Redbreast to manage the prosecution of its claim. Redbreast takes over the entire management of the case, from the writ of summons to the enforcement of the award in relevant jurisdictions (if necessary). The client is kept fully informed of progress and is involved in all major decisions. Redbreast’s fee is 100% contingent on the result.

Funding against a litigation portfolio

Large corporations or bankruptcy estates with multiple high value claims can use a portfolio of cases as collateral to secure non-recourse funding from Redbreast. The funding provided is not necessarily tied to litigation expenses but may be used for general corporate purposes.

Classic litigation funding

The client manages and conducts its own case. Redbreast remains in the background as a funder of legal fees and other costs relating to the prosecution of the claim in return for a share of the proceeds.


Depending on the solution that is chosen, benefits of litigation finance include:

  1. Litigation finance allows a company to pursue a case without ‘out of pocket’ expenses, relieving the pressure on working capital and margins caused by costly litigation.
  2. Litigation finance allows a company to turn a contingent, off-balance-sheet-asset (i.e. a disputed claim) into cash.
  3. Litigation financing is accounted for as net income and can also be used for purposes unrelated to litigation.
  4. Litigation finance is non-recourse. If the case is unsuccessful Redbreast has no recourse against the client.
  5. The client can select its own lawyers and manage the case as it sees fit or ask Redbreast to assist in selecting the best legal team for the matter and cost effectively managing the litigation.
  6. The client may benefit from the due diligence process performed by Redbreast and effectively receives an independent expert opinion on the legal and financial merits of its claim.